Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Whey – 5lbs


Specially formulated Whey Protein Blend to assist in muscle gain and recovery


Arnold Schwarzenegger Iron Whey is a protein blend designed for athletes. Each serving contains 22g of easily digested protein. Recent studies show optimal muscle gain is achieved when consuming protein prior and post workout.

Proteins are essential, one of the human body’s most important nutrients. As athletes exercise, their bodies require extra amino acids and protein—much more than people who are inactive. So athletes need to supplement with dietary protein.

Iron Whey is a high-quality formula that delivers large amounts of those naturally-occurring amino acids the body needs daily. Regardless of age or physical activity level, whey protein is essential for every nutrition regimen because it is the body’s catalyst for muscle growth and protein synthesis. Trade up to a purer, more superior protein supplement that will help fuel your workout performance while also maximising recovery time.

When MusclePharm’s world-renowned scientists teamed up with legendary fitness icon Arnold Schwarzenegger, they looked at how to bring a superior Whey protein to market. And they knew the answer was “more.” Specifically, they needed a higher protein formula to enhance nitrogen retention because muscles can only grow if a body retains high amounts of nitrogen. One of the most effective nitrogen sources is whey protein. To fuel lean muscle development, our ultra-microfiltered whey protein delivers naturally-occurring amino acids directly to your bloodstream. This spike in aminos creates the nitrogen-rich environment needed for muscle protein synthesis.