BSN NO-Xplode 3.0 – 60 Servings


Latest version of a classic pre-workout!


BSN NO-XPLODE is the original pre-workout. This is the newest and best version of the pre- that kicked it all off. What’s new about it? Well, it remains as mixable as ever, and the concentrated formula means the serving sizes are smaller now (whilst remaining just as potent.) There’s definitely been an improvement in the taste over the old version, but all the traits that made people fall in love with the original remain the same – powerful energy, and increased strength and endurance. The energy you get from it is slightly more jittery than some might like but if you like strong muscle pumps and that under-the-skin tingle, you’ll probably love this. At 60 servings per tub you’re also getting great value for money.

Each serving primes your body with:

– 150mg caffeine – For increased alertness and improved concentration
– 1.7g creatine monohydrate – Increases physical performance in successive bouts of short-term,high-intensity exercise
– Beta-alanine, L-arginine and Betaine
– Four amazing flavours

Taking a pre-workout like BSN No-Xplode is just fine to get you boosted and to provide those pumps throughout your workout, but think about when you hit that wall and are struggling to push out that last rep…taking an intra-workout will aid to power you through! Take a look at your options here.